Keyholder & Long-Term Chastity Service

You have all been there, your desire to have your penis under control, to stop your masturbation, to have a strong female help you decide when and how to orgasm, right? 

This is totally normal and I am here to help you in safe and caring environment. With me you can freely explore your desire for long-term chastity. I will be strict and controlling and you know it is for your own good.

Together we will push your boundaries and extend your time locked up for as long as I see fit. Imagine the pleasure you will feel when you finally get to orgasm and knowing you held out for as long as you did, just to please your Goddess will make it even better. 

Note: Men never needs to cum... this is a myth.. You might desire to cum but ask yourself, do you really deserve that kind of pleasure? You think it is more important that your Goddess is happy knowing that you will sacrifice this small joy for me. I love men who are willing to do anything to please me..

The Benefits Of Having Me As Your Keyholder

I am your true Goddess and you know that My pleasure is your pleasure. One of the things in life that really turns Me on is knowing that my slaves are willing to sacrifice there orgasms as a sign of servitude. 

Most of you are useless to women anyway and jerking off to women is a sign of disrespect to all females. All women are superior to you and you will give them the respect, adorations and obedience they deserve. 

Your penis really has no use at all, right? With My help you will find new pleasures by submitting to Me. We both know that a cock cage is the only attention your useless penis should ever get !

What Is Needed To Get Started?

Being my long-term chastity slave is fairly straight forward, you only need 3 things...

A Chastity Device

It goes without saying that you need to own a cage for your useless penis... 

Make sure you have got the right size and fit for you. If you got the wrong size long-term chastity can cause friction and wounds on your penis.

If this happens, we will have to terminate your chastity until you have healed.

This will make me very upset because I am the only one who should decide when and how your little thing gets unlocked.

Numbered Key Tags

This is my preferred method of control... With key tags I will always know if you tried to cheat...

There is no picking of the lock for you losers who get desperate and try to  cheat. Key tags also adds to the safety, should an emergency happen you can easily remove the cage and gain the freedom. This will of course be punished but safety always come first.

You can easily buy key tags online on Amazon here

Dedication & Willingness To Submit

This is the most important part. You give me full control of your orgasms...

You must dedicate yourself to my pleasures not your own. When you completely give me the control of your penis, then I decide when, where and how you get to cum. Be careful because there is one thing I love in this world and that is watching semen filled blue balls dangle under a locked up useless penis. 

Begging, crying or trying to bribe me will only result in punishment and  extension of your chastity, so don't even try it!

How Does It Work?

For the first session we join together on cam and you will lock yourself up. After that there will be a weekly session on cam where I unlock you, inspect and allow you to clean your penis. In addition to your weekly cleanings you can get sessions where I help you edge or/and help you milk your prostate for an anal orgasm...

The weekly session is done online over webcam. In the session you will:

  • Verify your Keyholder number 
  • Remove your cage, clean and disinfect it
  • Clean your penis thoroughly and apply a lotion
  • Let me inspect you penis for rashes or cut
  • Measure your penis with a ruler to make sure it is getting smaller
  • Cool your penis in an ice bath to make it shrink
  • Put your penis back in its cage and add a new Numbered Key Tag

The Cleaning & Inspection Session takes around 10 minutes if you don't get an erection. Any kind erection will be punished severely... You should never point your worthless penis at Your Goddess or any woman. Always have an ice bath ready to cool down your thing so it can fit in its cage.

Note: This is non-negotiable, when you accept your rightful place as my slave, you will join me for weekly sessions and cleaning of your cage.