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Your Dick is Your Homewrecker. Not Me!

So you’re a married man stuck in a boring marriage with dull sex life. There are several reasons why. One being that you secretly wish you could be serving Me instead of having boring vanilla sex with your fat / average-looking / nagging wife. How could I blame you? Look at Me and look at her right?

So let me guess… you have been thinking about leaving her but haven’t really got the guts to do so. You’re just afraid of being alone, with a boner and noone to really give a shit about you. Not that your wife does, anyway. She might just wants you around for the convenience of having someone to watch the kids and fix things around the house.

Let’s face it… you would be better off living the rest of your life serving a Goddess like Me than being stuck in that marriage.

That fat cow is eventually going to take your money and your pride.

The same thing will happen here. I will take your money and your pride too.

So pretty much you’re fucked. But at least, here you have some fun. Here with Me, you get to choose to be abused.

It’s your choice to be abused. Not your wife’s.

At least, here I intentionally abuse you with great pleasure. Your wife just does it out of old habits.

And frankly, she doesn’t deserve to, she doesn’t look the part or even gives any effort to at least look sexy.

Now you look at Me; I’m divine, sexy, and above all…. I’m superior than her.

So here is what I want you to do… you’re going to start stroking right now with two fingers of one hand… then use the other hand to slide over to click Tribute.

This will open up another page where you can send your tribute to Me… this action alone is going to send that tingles down your spine and make that penis throb even harder.

That’s the best way to get back at your nagging bitching wife of yours. At least, that’s a start. We still have a long way to go you and Me.

I’m not done with you just yet.

Now as you click send I want you to hear My voice…. I want you to imagine being able to kiss my feet and hear me say ‘Good boy’. That’s something tangible that you can have everytime you hit that ‘send’ button.

Everytime you click that ‘send’ button, I want you to feel the shiver down your spine all the way down to your penis as you hear me snap my fingers and say ‘Good boy’.

We have something real going on here! Something that you haven’t felt in a long time. Something that noone else but Me will be able to give you.


July 3, 2021

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Your Dick is Your Homewrecker. Not Me!

Your Dick is Your Homewrecker. Not Me!

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