My Post Workout Sweaty Feet


I bet there are certain things that make you twitch. Something that you just get weak over. My sweaty post-workout feet just happen to be among them. I know that… As you’re sitting there reading this, your dick is twitching and the desire to submit just creeps in so badly. You can’t help it because its your nature and I am that Goddess, the superior one you bow to and want to always worship.

As you are reading this, sitting there staring at the screen, you’re nodding to every word you see.

I know that because I am a Goddess. I am the only thing you worship from now on.

So the scent of my sweaty feet is the aroma that you wish you inhale. It’s the scent that keeps you going. It’s the mojo that gets you up to work and earn more money so you can come here and buy my clips or sign up to my OF in order to talk to Me or worship me everyday.

You can’t deny the fact that I AM the addiction you need in your life. You love the tingles in your spine… all the way down to your dick every time you hear Me talk or see Me and My Divine Feet.

So go on … watch this clip over and over and over as you stroke. But I want you stop the second you bring yourself so close to the explosion of that desire. You don’t get to have that pleasure as long as you’re willing to serve Me. Be in that bitter sweet agony of forever edging for your Queen.


June 28, 2021

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My Post Workout Sweaty Feet

My Post Workout Sweaty Feet

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