Findom - Guide For Paypigs

I am going to set one thing straight... I take your money because it is My right to do so and you're here to give up your comfort and serve Me. The idea that you should have any kind of luxury or money is ludicrous... We both know that luxury is a waste on you.  That's why you come here to hand it to Me willingly, right?

The reason I love findom and controlling your finances is because you give Me full control of your life. You willingly give Me the power to ruin you if I so choose to... This is what I want, power over lowly slaves!

And you will give it to Me freely... because you are here to serve!

Your only goal in life is to please your Goddess. Servitude is your only pleasure! So why would you need to spend money on yourself? That amount of money you spend on fun stuff, expensive foods and drinks is for your own temporary superficial kind of pleasure...

And I'd like to ask you this: is your pleasure more important than your Goddess's?

I will make it clear once and for all: The pleasure of serving Me is enough for you! 

Imagine how good it feels to have a true purpose in life, to serve a woman, to shower her with your adorations and gifts, see how I smile at you and gently stroke your cheek telling you what a good boy you are. We both know that is the only kind of attention you deserve from a woman... The most sincere kind of attention a Goddess can give you is a genuine praise and a slight pat on your shoulders... as I tell you what a good boy you are...

That little praise can be yours if you Submit to ME, and Obey My Commands. 

Note: Total submission to a Goddess is a way for you to find true life purpose. It will bring you joy, pleasure and peace for as long as you submit freely.

Remember this! If you ever cross me you will be banned forever, I never take back a slave!

So if findom is not just about the money, then what is it about? There are three main reasons I enjoy and practice financial domination.

3 Reasons For Financial Domination

Honestly, you can just be happy and grateful with the fact that you get to even serve me and get any of my attention at all. There are no need for me to convince you and you know that already so well right? With that said, feel free to touch yourself as you read this if you absolutely have to... you have my permission...

1. I own my slaves, you are my property

The number one  and most important reason is; "you are my property!" I own you and everything you have is rightfully mine! 

I decide what little tidbits of pleasures and joy you get to have. Remember your greatest pleasure in life is to serve Me.

This is of course your own choice; you can choose to continue on your boring and meaningless life, or you can choose to serve your loving Goddess as My faithful slave. What is your choice? A meaningless life or a loving Goddess?

2. A Sacrifice To Please Me 

When you choose to give freely to your Goddess it is a show of adoration and servitude. And when a slave serves me and brings me a sacrifices, it makes me very happy... And you want to make me happy, right?

Your life purpose is to serve Me even if it gives you some discomfort. I am here to help you by giving you a direction in life, a greater purpose than any other man could ever have, you just have to give in to Me and Submit.

3. Your Money Is Better Spent By Me

The only true pleasure and happiness you are feeling is by serving me! Real pleasure comes from servitude, giving everything to your Goddess is the only path to happiness...

Do you think you are worthy of having money? Remember how much you stress over money, the worry and pain it causes. Doesn't it feel better to give over that responsibility to me? I am here to help you budget and handle all of your life...

You will be free of worry, the only think you have to think about is how to best serve your Goddess! Now are you ready to make me happy, my slave? 

How To Serve me best as a paypig

To even attempt to be noticed by Me, you will have to earn it. The best way to get my attention is the tribute. The initial tribute is $30 which you can pay through the following methods. But don't expect that I will be jumping with joy over with that measly some you just sent me. You're just a thin air to me regardless. So don't be nagging Me for attention with that. 

You could however try to communicate with me. I said try, because it is an honor.... a privilege for you pigs to get to please me. No promises are ever going to be  made by Me. 

Once you've actualized the true joy of serving Me without expecting anything in return, you can then apply to be my long-term slave. There will be an assessment. There will be tasks you need to do to deserve my time. 

Then you will receive a contract from Me. You must read it carefully and make sure that there are no errors. You can try to book a drain session with me and you will feel the pain of giving up money and comfort to honor Me and SERVE me properly like a true slave.

You could also shower me with gifts

To get my attention, you will be so happy and realize your sense of purpose... Another easy way you can feel happy and serve me is to buy gifts from my wishlist. But I will not have you send it to my address. I will have you watch my videos telling you what I want to buy. You will send me tribute to go buy them. So many pigs try to find out where I live and you know that you are never worthy to have such an information right?