Sissy Training Program

You are here to learn how to become the prettiest, most well behaved sissy slut you can be. And I am here to help you. I have trained countless sissy slaves and they are still serving me to this day. You know how hard it can be to truly be free to live as a sissy slavegirl. How do you go about becoming more feminine and sexy?

We will together explore your feminization desires and bring your true sissy self to the surface where you will bask in all the joys and pleasures of sissy servitude. The are 3 parts to your training; Chasity and hypnosis, beautification and sexual skills. So if you are ready, read on...

3-Part Sissy Training

~ Chasity & Hypnosis ~


With control of your penis you will be more focused on going deeper down the path of feminization, your desire will be strong and you will find that you are becoming more girly by the day. 

We both know that the greatest pleasures you ever feel is when you are your sissy self serving and submitting like a good sissy-girl.

You can read more about my chastity training here.


I use my own prerecorded hypnosis files to help you bring out the true sissy within. Imagien your true girly self having free reign to explore all your most naughty fantasies, in a controlled setting, this comes true when you give into me. 

Note: This is mind altering stuff and will take you deeper into sissication and slavery, faster and better than anything you could dream of.

Sissy Beautification

To be a sissy fuck doll that men desires requires work... But with the help of your Goddess you will be transformed from a losser beta male into an object of beauty. Are you ready to take the first step together with me?

Step 1 - Diet and Exercise

All my sissy slaves are on a strict feminization diet and are exercise program...

All the exercises will of course be relate to your sissificaton, so expect to learn dancing, stripteasing, sex skills like riding and bouncing up and down.

Here you will all also learn how to walk and act like the slut you really are. We both know that your inner bimbo-gurl just long to get out and play, so what is holding you back?

Step 2 - Skin Care & Make Up

WE will together insure that your skin becomes soft, girly and smooth. Just imagien running your hand down you thihg feeling the smoothness or pulling up your stocking over a your soft hairless legs. With the right skin care this will come true.

Make up is the one of the most fun parts about being a sissy... I expect all my sissy slave to wear some kind of make up every day... Just some nude foundation or similar if you are not in full sissy mode

Step 3 - Hair Removal

This is an important step. I never want to see any hair on a sissy's body, ever!

The most optimal solution is laser hair removal but for some sissies this is not doable. Then shaving, waxing or hair removal creams can be used.

This also includes the eyebrows, I expect them to be shaped to perfection!

Step 4 - Hair Care



Step 5 - Sissy Dress Up

The only kind of underwear a sissy can wear are panties, this is at all times! If you haven't already you will need to throw away all your male underwear and replace them with girl panties.

Also most sissy will wear pantyhose or stockings and a bra under their male clothes, this is to help remind them what they really are at all times, and what are you?

When home alone you should be in full sissy uniform, if cleaning or cooking wear a maid outfit.. If practicing your sissy skills wear a bimbo dress and when sleeping wear a pretty pink night gown to help you dream about what a pretty sissy you are.

Important Sissy Skills You'll Learn

Here Things Will Start To Get Real

As you already know being a sissy slavegirl is all about sexual pleasures. To be the best sissy you could ever be requires that you acquire a certain set of sex skills... With the my exercise program you will quickly get stamina, flexibility and tolerance to sustain the hour long fuck sessions you will experience under my guidance.

Begging, Moaning & Teasing

Being a sissy is all about getting the most out of every sexual encounter. Teasing your partners will make them fuck you harder and when done right will make them fuck you over and over again.

Moaning in pleasesure or crying in pain will make your partner feel like he /she is doing a good job and boost their selfesteem... This will make them come back to you again and again!

Always be begging them and thanking them, you should be grateful that they are fucking you, so treat them all like the gods they are. Remember that your deep manly voice is bad, always use your girly voice, this is easy because you will only need to now a few frases such as: "Yes, Daddy", "Please give me more", and "Thank you".

Blow Job Training

This is one of the most important skills a sissy needs to learn! 

With the my training you will be the best little cock sucker in your area. You will take pride in knowiing that your mouth can please any man. 

You will learn how to make them cum fast for quicky in the backseat and how to suck for hours when you get involved gangbangs and there are several alpha cocks to serve.

More than that, we will together turn you into a deep throating sissy princess. You already dream of having your troath full of cock, so why not take it to the next level and learn how to deepthroat like a pro?


As your little penis is locked up the only way to cum is from anal stimulation. 

You will learn to open up and take all the alpha cocks that go deep down your sissy hole. The pleasure will be immense and you will soon be begging to get fucked like a horny school girl.

A big part of sissy sex is your riding and grinding skills. Don't expect men to just fuck you silly, you will need to learn how to ride a cock and grind out orgasm after orgasm.

 Remember the better the Alpha feels the greater is the chance that he will come back for more and maybe even bring some friends along... imagien that, five big cocks or ten fat juicy cocks, how many do you think you can handle before your sissy minds breaks? 

Camming & Whoring

You might thinking that this is taking it too far... Being exposed on a webcam for the world to see. Do you think showing the world your true sissy self is the right path? How happy will you feel when you finally are free to experience all the pleasures of a sissy life?

Starting out as a camwhore is the best thing you can do for yourself, you will know the warm lovely feeling of total servitude when you earn money for me by being the best sissy slut you can be!

Just imagien al the men cheering you on as you deepthroat another cock, how good will it feel having your ass filled over and over again? Cum dripping from you lips and you are still begging for more... and when it is over you know that you have served your Goddess well and you thank me for helping you realise your dream.

It might seem overwhelming but together we will bring forth the hidden gem that is your sissy self. how great is your sex life now? Imagien how good it will feel cumming from anal wearing a sexy lingeri, makeup and a slutty pink dress.. Let me help you change your life for the better. 

Note: My sissy training program is for real sissies only! You will become more feminine and submissive, fast! The results are perment so only apply if you really are a submissive sissy slavegirl.

So the choice is yours, do you want to continue your normal boring life or take a step forward and let me help you become the submissive feminine sissy you really are?