Sissification & Destruction of the Male Ego

You are here reading about sissification because deep down you have been longing to explore a life of girly dresses, juicy cocks and servitude to a dominant female figure!

If any of this gets your attention, excites you, or tickles your useless dick, then read on...

Is your life goal to feel the true pleasure of being fuck-toy to real men? Maybe you want to even have a lesbian relationship with a woman? Or perhaps you just want to be able to serve your Goddess better by becoming a beautiful sissy and monetize your beauty?

Then it is time you break the illusion, the hard truth is most of you sissies will need months or even years of professional grooming to ever look like the fuck-dolls you dream of being.

If you have some female friends they might play along with you, help you with makeup, show you how to put on stockings and nail polish, etc... Is this enough to satisfy the true sexy, submissive and feminine sissy within you?

To become a sissy you must first learn to give up everything, only then can the rebuilding process begin.

If you want real sissification then extreme measures must be taken. It is hard and scary to follow this path alone... 

I am here to guide you

With my helping hand you will progress faster and soon your cum hungry mouth will be full and your little boi-pussy will tingle with the greatest pleasure you will ever feel.

And like the other sissies I have helped before you will say, "Thank you Goddess!" over and over again. Realising your dreams are the the most important thing in life. Imagine when you are old, you can either look back at a boring, depressing male life or a sissy life full of pleasures and joys, the choice is yours!

Note:  You ar born a sissy it is and unchangeable part of you, you can try to hide it and live a boring life. Can you find any true sissy that turned around and became an Alpha? The sooner you embrace this fact the sooner you will find happiness as my sissy slave girl.

I Will Help You To Stay on Your Sissy Path

Have you ever tried to stop your sissification? Only to find your need for feminization, submission and humiliation came back stranger. This is because deep inside you are a true sissy, just let go and let your internal girly self take over.

We will together realize your dream of being a perfect sissy girl, experiencing the great pleasure of serving your Goddess. All you have to do is say, "Yes, I am a sissy, I have always been a sissy, and will always be a sissy!"

Have you ever in your life had problems staying on your sissy path? Have you purged your toys, make up and pretty dresses? Just to go out buying sissy things and starting all over.


I am here to help you by firmly and caringly control all your needs. Imagine how good it will feel, when in a month or two you have realized your sissy destiny... will you be serving as my maid? Or are you tasting your first Alpha cock? With my help all your dreams will come true.

Note: Many sissies believe that this is just a part time fetish, but it is truly their lifestyle. Once a sissy always a sissy. You will always be my eternal lovely sissy slave!

Sissy Motivation

We all know that sissies need motivation and control to fulfill their destiny. Most of you have a nagging inner voice trying to make you quit. This is the voice of a judgmental society that wants everyone to be the same boring men. Your school and upbringing have tried to convince you that you should be boring, lonely and stressed, but the right way to go is to be pretty, feeling safe by submitting to your better and enjoying life is. 

You can pretend you only do your sissy playing once in a while but you yearn deep down to explore your eternal sissy reality, and I am here to hold your hold your hand while we together walk you down your life path to joyful sissy slavery.