So you want become my slave? To me you will be nothing more than a piece of my property, just like my car or a new pair of shoes, except I will take better care of my shoes than I ever will of you... But don't worry I will still walk all over you too.

It is important that you understand that you are my property, I own you, you are my plaything and just like a toy that I have lost interest in I will easily throw you away. So serve me well and you will find that you will get the greatest pleasure any man can ever get... To serve a true Goddess! 

Some of my lucky slaves even get to see me smile in real life, this takes dedication and adorations on your part. Imagine kneeling in front of me, handing over your wallet then bowing down kissing my black leather boots. Then watching my ass in a tight skirt, as I walk away laughing at you, my eternal slave.

By now you should be ready to make your choice. You can stay as the lonely loser you are or you can become something greater by serving Your Goddess.

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