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Asian foot goddess – humble yourself, shine my heels and lick my soles

Full Clip – Click the link below


You have a thing for feet. I have a perfect pair of them that make you weak.  

What can I get you to do in order to kneel before Me and beg to serve Me? 

Nothing! I simply drop my shoes off and you’re there on your knees begging like a little foot bitch that you are.  

Should I spend any time on you, pathetic foot simp? That depends. What can you do to impress Me? 

Do you do a good job as a foot cleaning bitch?  

Do you work hard and break your back to send Me tributes? 

Do you obey and jerk your pathetic dick off as I command and never get to cum without my permission? 

These are the things that good foot slave should do to impress Me, your superior.  


Because it feels so good to be able to stare at my perfect soles and stroke at the same time while listening to my voice humiliating you, you are more than willing to do whatever it takes to please Me, yes? 

That’s a good boy! An obedient little foot bitch before my feet. 

Now I want you to try to gag yourself with my heels and see if you can fit the whole heel into your mouth and throat. Let’s see if you can impress Me.

The prize for being able to do such a task is I’d allow you to take out that pathetic little dick of yours and start playing with it.




October 22, 2022

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  1. Goddess, i am enslaved by Your feet and heels. Only serving and obeying You can satisfy my need to submit to Your control over me. Please take me as Your slave. i live to please and serve as You see fit.

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