Addicted to My Big Lips

You have always had a thing or two about women’s lips. The juiciness of the wet big lips turn you on and make you weak.

Kissing them? That’s always been a beta boy’s fantasy. Listening to me tell you how to stroke while staring at my vibrant black lipstick feels so good, you can’t resist touching yourself. You’re ready to pop any minute now, aren’t you? If you’re a good obedient boy you would do as I say and stroke as I command.

No cheating.

What’s the fun in the rush? Let’s make it last and prolong that orgasm for awhile, shall we?

That’s your fantasy to have my voice in your head as you stroke and when you’re finally ready to blow your load, you are going to put that dick back in your pants for me and jizz all over yourself.

That would be so humiliating, wouldn’t it now?

Full clip –

But it would so satisfying because cumming is just cumming. But having sticky pants as a reminder of a good obedient boy you are for me is a real fun part.

You would get to see my clips and my beautiful cleavage as I tease and command you how to stroke your dick before I make you put it back into your pants for my amusement. No need to cum like a normal man. You’re not normal. You’re not like them.

You’re my submissive little obedient beta boy who worships my lips and my instructions.

October 22, 2022

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Addicted to My Big Lips

Addicted to My Big Lips

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